Crime Of The Scene

by Simon Wells

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Mark Generally I don't buy releases with different versions of songs that I already own elsewhere.

But the arrangements here, mostly of familiar material, are exquisite, enticing, and simply put, how could I not get this? It's a beautiful album. Favorite track: Optimism.
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Crime Of The Scene, the debut solo album from Simon Wells, is ready for release.

Drawing arrangement influences from the likes of James Taylor, Van Morrison and Howlin Wolf, Crime Of The Scene is an acoustic album with finely crafted and poignant lyrics. Acoustic guitar, piano, bass, drums and viola are sparsely utilised to support Simon’s gravelly and soulful vocals.


1. Slide (5:01)
2. The Last Time (4:00)
3. All At Sea (3:40)
4. Somehow (2:58)
5. Optimism (4:29)
6. Don’t Look Back (4:01)
7. Calypso (6:13)
8. Best Of Me (5:40)
9. Fade Away (4:15)
10. Turn It Up (3:22)
11. Hold On (3:36)


released May 9, 2017

Simon Wells (vocals, guitar)
Duncan Thompson (drums, bass)
Carol Hodge (piano, vocals)
Anita Bushell (viola)

Production by Matt Cade
Viola recorded by Gav Thomas
Mastered by Branwen Munn at Goldhill Studios



all rights reserved


Chopback Music Hastings, UK

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Track Name: Slide
Old enough to know
When to just stop trying
I’m trying to find my way
Through minefields every day
I can feel the cold
Another freezing winter
The mountains that we climb
Just raindrops in the sea

And I forget what it was I wanted to do
Where I’d been and where I want to be
There’s no more fantasy
It’s all reality
I see it now for exactly what it is

Staring at the sky
Trying to get my breath back
Laying in the sun
Clouds just roll on by
Trouble knows my name
And it understands me
I’m taking every day
As it could be the last

But we’ll keep on moving along
Take the crumbs that fall from their table
Till time is called and slates are all wiped clean
Till then we’ll carry on

Nothing more to say
So I’ll just stop trying
Shake away the chains
That tie and hold us down
Heaven help us all
If I ever get there
And leave this world behind
In trouble and sorrow
Track Name: The Last Time
The petrol gauge is way beyond the E
The traffic lights have gone from red to green
Check the mirrors and walk away
Drop their calls cause there’s nothing to say

But this might be the last time
Let’s hope it’s worthwhile
For all the years
And I still feel the same
Although everything has changed

You know the words to every song that’s sung
You know what’s good bad what’s right or wrong
I’ll tell you things you might think were lies
But in the end that’s for you to decide

I can’t collect my thoughts now
There’s things I’m not proud of
Looking back and I still feel the same
Although everything has changed

For all I want to keep and want to leave
For all those moments of clarity
To all the people who looked for me
I faced my demons had moments of peace
Track Name: All At Sea
When I’m on my own
Just before I’m sleeping
I swear I’ll make things good
Only do the right thing
I’m gonna give it up
Say the words I meant to
I’m gonna let her know
Just how much I need her

Then the morning comes and it all just goes
I’m like a rudderless boat in a force ten gale
I’ll go anywhere that the compass shows
Until I crawl back under my rock again

Then I’m on my own
The room is gently turning
And the bed’s afloat
The seas around me churning
If I make it home
I swear there’s things I’m changing
I know that I’ve gone wrong
But I can see the way now

The light I was following
Was to warn me that there were rocks ahead
The sirens wail and they bring me on
Til I’m all shipwrecked and I’m drowned

I sent a Save Our Souls
I stood alone on the deck
I watched the lifeboats go
The band continued playing
It’s me and Davy Jones
He greets me like an old friend
Down beneath the foam
At twenty fathoms and counting

I’m all at sea
Swimming beneath the waves
Sailor who lost his way
I’m all at sea
Track Name: Somehow
Over the top of a lager
In a wineless wine bar
I can see the sunset over Blackbird Hill
It’s only the cocaine camaraderie
Keeping the thugs
From moving in for the kill
Friends desert me
Through choice and pressure
I know the faces but I’m not sure
A kiss torn curl blows through your hair
Words fail as the meanings change

But somehow it don’t bother me

There’s a choice to make but I’ll take it later
Decisions just float on by
Oblivious to all the sounds around me
I’m home but I don’t know why
The last of the sun bounces off the back wall
Reflects back off to the stars
A final witness to a dying sunset
An abandoned lager in a wineless wine bar
Track Name: Optimism
I’m down on my luck again
Down in the mouth again
I’m down in the dumps again
I can’t see the sense in it
I won’t hear the end of it
I know you’re not listening
It’s all gone wrong again
The same old song again
I’m losing the will to live
Up to me neck in it
Can’t see the point in it
And now you don’t wanna know

It won’t always be this way

I don’t feel the same no more
I’m done but I want some more
Now that I’ve got the taste
My back’s up against the wall
I know I’m heading for a fall
I’ll take you for all you’ve got
The sun’s in my eyes
And the wind’s in my face and it’s
Pissin down with rain
I can’t get my breath and I
Can’t find my feet and now
Here’s it comes again

I missed the boat
I’m watching as it sails into the sunset
You say I’m way past caring
But then what do you know about it
Today is just another
In a line of downs with no ups
Where do you go
Track Name: Don't Look Back
Standing in the doorway waiting
Feeling like the last man in the world
A thousand miles of ice has formed
Up to the sky
Covered all the earth

I’m all alone
On a road to god knows where
And god knows if
I’ll ever make it there

I pass by places in a dream
Turning without knowing where I am
And I can’t feel my hands or feet
A ghost who doesn’t know the earth beneath

All I know is this
Road will make you crazy
And there’s no turning back
Just keep on moving on
Don’t look back
Track Name: Calypso
Never saw a train go by
I didn’t wish I was on
Guided by the tracks
We only have one way to go
No ups no downs no stops no detours
We just keep on rolling
An engine that will run and run
Until it runs no more

And I can still hear the sounds in my mind
I can see the world go by my window
Feelings lost in moderation
Sparring just to hold our ground
For the good it did us

You find a photograph of someone you used to know
It took you back to places you both used to go
And so you swallow hard at the lump that’s in your throat
Until the feeling passes

I was in the middle of something
That I’d not thought through yet
Living in a moment that
I’d never see again
I was a journey when I had no destination
Patience holding out to the last
Until the last submits

And time it starts to fade in our eyes
And time begins to dull the senses
Entertainments help distract us
The crowd begins to grow impatient
They want an outcome
Track Name: Best Of Me
Love got the best of me
Time is running out it seems
I’ll hold onto the things I need
Cause hope springs eternally
I know that

Love is a word I don’t know
Or don’t feel that
Love is a place I can go
That welcomes me home
Track Name: Fade Away
Until it’s almost everything
And you’re feeling nothing
And the things you build and work towards
Lay broken in pieces
And your words won’t help none
When there’s no-one to hear them
And you drift along from day to day
Finding no point of reference

When tonight is over
And the morning brings the day
It’ll all seem different
It’ll all just fade away

And you almost made it
But it’s gone so quickly
And the burning flame that got you here
Is now cold and forgotten
And you can’t move on yet
And you can’t go back there
And you’ll point your finger anywhere
But blame’s not the issue

Now it’s almost over
And the inquest started
And you feel your back against the wall
As you sit in the corner
Now the smoke won’t hide it
And the drink won’t drown it
And you’re haunted by the ghosts
Of what was
And what could have been there
Track Name: Turn It Up
I wouldn’t know what it’s worth
It’s enough
You can’t put a price on a feeling
Turn it up
Cause I’m not hearing it
It turns you on when it goes off
You can’t keep a lid on it either
Give it up
And don’t let it get you down

You don’t know when it’s gonna stop
You don’t get off on it either
Give it up
Don’t let it get you down
You’ve got your own agenda
I don’t come into it either
You don’t know

Anything about what’s going on here
You heard about it but don’t get
Any of it
It’s outside of what you know
You’d be surprised how much has changed
When you come back again
In your head it’s all
Still just the way it was

Don’t forget to
Keep your head down
You said you’d write
But I’m not reading it
You’re full of good intentions
But I’m not feeling it
In your head it’s all
Still just the way it was
Track Name: Hold On
You can laugh or you can cry
You can save it up or you can buy
You can leave it all
Or keep it safe with you
You can give or you can take

You can do anything that you want
Just as long as you hold on

You can make or break
You can lose or maybe find
You can deal with it
Or close your eyes to it
You can keep the peace or start a war

You can do anything that you want
Just as long as you hold on

Maybe then
Learn to keep it in
Let it out sometimes
You can leave your mark or fade away
You can hold your head up high
Or hide your face and cry
You can shut it out or let it in

You can take the red pill or the blue
Keep your feet on earth or want the moon
You can be a part of something
Or you could be unique
You could be the one
But no-one knew

You can do anything that you want
You can be anything you wanna be
You can do anything that you want
Just as long as you hold on